MASS is the certified reseller of ARCHIBUS UK and can offer all the latest software, including the NEW Version 23.1. You can also take a look at the support packages that we offer, to ensure a fully optimised solution. There are a variety of ARCHIBUS platforms to suit the differing needs of various organisations. Over time, as your organisation grows and you begin to expand the activities, you can easily scale up your deployment of ARCHIBUS .





Different platform options will help meet differing goals and budgets so choose that which is most suited. Of course, we can offer advice on which platform to opt for:


  • ARCHIBUS Web Central: This allows you to use the internet to share information and distribute self-service work processes to an entire worldwide organisation


  • ARCHIBUS Enterprise: This is a comprehensive Facilities Management solution for managing vast areas of space.


  • ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor and Archibus Express: These are also available which help manage smaller areas of space. Please contact us if you require more details. 


There are also various Facilities and Real Estate Management Applications offered:

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management: Portfolio Management, Lease Administration, Cost Administration, Cost Chargeback & Invoicing and Portfolio Forecasting. 

  • Capital Project Management: Capital Budgeting, Project Management, Condition Assessment and Commissioning.

  • Space Planning and Management: Space Inventory & Performance, Personnel & Occupancy, Space Chargeback and Strategic Master Planning.

  • Move Management: Enterprise Move Management.

  • Asset Management: Asset Portal, Furniture & Equipment Management and Telecommunications & Cable Management.

  • Environmental and Risk Management: Environmental Sustainability Assessment, Energy Management, Green Building, Waste Management, Emergency Preparedness, Compliance Management, Clean Building, Environmental Health & Safety and Material Safety Data Sheets.

  • Building Operations: On Demand Work, Preventive Maintenance, Condition Assessment and Call Center Wizard.

  • Workplace Services: Reservations, Service Desk, Hoteling and Fleet Management.

  • Technology Extensions and Frameworks: Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD & Revit, Smart Client Extension for Revit, Geospatial Extensions for ESRI, ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework, ARCHIBUS Performance Metrics Framework and ARCHIBUS Reservations Extension.

For more information and prices, please contact MASS on 0118 977 8560 or email at


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