Part One – Real Estates Portfolio Management 23.2

New Strategic Financial Analysis Application


Strategic Financial Analysis is a new ARCHIBUS application within the Real Estate Portfolio Management domain that provides a series of Consoles. The application depends upon inventory data that is also available via ARCHIBUS Smart Client. This makes for easy bulk editing, and spreadsheet import and export of this backbone data. The idea is to make it easier to fill in any gaps in your portfolio inventory, and to review your data and its classifications for consistency.



The Strategic Financial Analysis application provides a unified view of your real estate, infrastructure and facilities assets, all the capital and expense costs incurred, and all the organisation missions supported.  The application also provides a common operating picture so that staff in various different roles can communicate the impact and importance of spending and investment; finance professionals, capital planners, real estate and facility directors, and operational managers can all understand how the work they do interacts and how they can work better together in concert.  


The application gives visibility into the part of your organisation's balance sheet that manages fixed assets. It helps ensure that the investment in these assets is efficiently deployed to drive the organisation's mission forward successfully.


Unlike point solutions for capital planning, real estate and facilities management, ARCHIBUS can capture the total costs of ownership for your assets and coordinate the interrelated processes that manage them.  Unlike ERP systems acting alone, ARCHIBUS can connect all costs to the locations of your business units and connect all assets to their intended purpose.  In this way, ARCHIBUS can inform you not only of the total cost of the spend for each purpose, it can express the value of that spend to the mission.  We see ARCHIBUS as an essential tool to align your significant spend on real estate and infrastructure. It helps you to optimise and defend your capital, real estate and facility budgets.


Leveraging the Enterprise Information Model


The Strategic Financial Analysis application is able to produce unique results because it leverages the enterprise information model that underlies ARCHIBUS. This model correlates CAD, BIM, GIS, location, portfolio, document, spreadsheet, and ERP data at a structured manner in order to deliver fresh insights. Version 23 extends the cost model within the ARCHIBUS enterprise information model and is able to capture all capital and expense costs for your real estate, infrastructure and facilities processes, and classify them within a unified and consistent structure.



Strategic Financial Analysis: Financial Analysis Console


The primary interface for the Strategic Financial Analysis application is the Financial Analysis Console. This console contains panels that present analysis data and let you interactively drill into it, categorize it, and filter it, as illustrated.



Strategic Financial Analysis: Capital and Expense Matrix

One panel, the Capital and Expense Matrix, unifies “Capex” and “Opex” into a “Totex” analysis of all costs, as shown here.


The matrix shows the proportional contribution of each classification of cost.


Strategic Financial Analysis: Asset Map and the Asset Scorecard

The Asset Map and the Asset Scorecard panels give a detailed, interactive view of your data.



The panels react to each other, so you can filter the data you see by either geographic or logical criteria.

 Strategic Financial Analysis: Analysis Map and the Analysis Scorecard


The Analysis Map and the Analysis Scorecard panels present more summary information. This is useful for cases where you wish to work with aggregated data or present summary findings of your deeper analysis.  These panels also react to your selection within the Capital and Expense Matrix, allowing you to quickly drill into costs and their allocation, or to drill into different aggregate metrics, such as total cost of ownership or occupancy.




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