Training the trainer

We know you love your technical team at Mass and think all of us are the tops! And of course, if it were possible, you’d have us with you all the time. In an ideal world, we’d be on site to train each of your new employees directly, offering our customary insight and sharing our passion for the product. Alas, for obvious reasons, this is one logistical step too far!


So, what we do instead is a rather genius thing called “train the trainer”. Simply put, we devote our time and energy to those chosen few “super users” amongst you; those who will oversee your Facility Team or oversee the Helpdesk.  We also ensure the techy we send to carry out your training has an intimate knowledge of how you use or intend to use ARCHIBUS, and we tailor the training specifically to your organisation. We also like to have the key stakeholders co-driving the training to ensure it remains relevant and useful to your business.





So, we take the key users and put them together with our own knowledge of your processes and ARCHIBUS. We show your key users how to set up SLA’s, problem types, integrate CAD, run reports, and even set up homepages. We do all this training with an eye on the partnership with the “super users”. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also empowers those who will manage your systems day-to-day.




Often with training, there is a temptation to over-train, which risks boring and numbing entire teams of employees with the knowledge they simply don’t require. If training is too distant from their day-to-day job, they will soon lose interest. This results in a wasteful loss of both time and motivation. Mass considers it far better to fully train those users who jobs directly relate to the topic at hand and allow these employees to train those for roles. Not only does employee-lead training relate well to your processes, but it also creates helpful links between super users and occasional users, which usually turn out to be crucial for the smooth running of your system.


From experience, we can also say from a trainer’s viewpoint, that we would rather train four fully engaged people who know a system intimately and care for that system, than 100 casual users. It usually turns out to be impossible to properly train both together, as you will skim for the super users and bore the casual user. Give us engaged users and a few days training, and Mass will give you a working system and empower your employees to train the casual user. In the end, knowledge should roll down and up your organisation and training the trainer is a great and productive step towards that process. 



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Symon Turner



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