MASS Drawing Services

Here at Mass we offer a very diverse set of services to our clients. In this blog I’m going to give an outline of the drawing services we can offer to your organisation.

Overall this will be a shorter than normal blog from me as the

service itself is relatively self-explanatory and well known, and what we cover as a whole is easily summarised with three separate levels.


Before I delve into the details of the service and its available levels, I want to preface that we most often provide it for those who either don’t have a Space Manager/Space Management department or those who don’t have the time to manage the drawings.


The first level of the service is to take your drawings and match them to a temporary database and application structure containing your space data, and then we can produce the required svg files that allow the space drawings to appear within the Space Console in Web Central.


The basic service would be offered in the circumstance that a client is moving from an older version of Archibus to version 23.2 or later, and they don’t necessarily have a dedicated CAD

resource within the organisation.


The next level up from this is to polyline existing drawings that have been created by the developers for any new or existing buildings. This is a process where we would take the drawings from you, a snapshot of your space data, and then we would create the room and gross area polylines for the drawings so that they could be linked to the database itself.


The final level we offer is a basic space survey of your buildings from which we can update or create ACAD drawings for the purposes of bringing it into ARCHIBUS or for your use within another Space Management tool.




This is done by us using a laser measuring tool on site with the buildings that need to have their drawings corrected/made, recording the sizes and distances of the rooms and then going back to the office and creating or updating the drawing files.




As I said at the start, unlike so many other blogs I’ve written for Mass, this one is definitely on the briefer side. Ultimately though, this is because our services speak for themselves, and there isn’t too much that needs to be said around them. I hope that should you need a level of help with Space Drawings in CAD, that you’ll make sure to consider us for it.



If you would like any more information regarding this blogs topic, please don't hesitate in contacting the MASS Technical Services Team. We are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at to find out more.



Callum Doyle


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