2018 Reflections and 2019 Objectives

As 2019 starts, many people around the world will be optimistically setting themselves New Year resolutions, because as a year ends and another begins we are all somewhat forced into a moment of reflection.




During MASS’ first Monday Morning Meeting of 2019 (even though it was, in fact, a Wednesday- rather disorientating!), we went around the team sharing not only our usual month objectives but also any New Year resolutions we had made for ourselves. The results of this exercise reflected the results provided by Statista (see image) in that whilst some of us made a list of New Year’s Resolutions, some of us hadn't any at all. Why is that?




In my opinion (and I may be wrong!), I believe that the reason some people don’t make New Year’s resolutions is down to lack of motivation and resources, or simply they have put no thought into it. But if you don’t want to make an actual ‘New Year’s Resolution’, instead you should create a list of specific things that you hope to accomplish in the coming year. I suppose this is a little similar to MASS setting monthly objectives rather than short weekly ones. It provides you with the opportunity to check things off and to hold yourself accountable for your progress – this might make you feel good! As a Marketer, is also easy for me to suggest using an S.M.A.R.T. approach to 2019 resolutions. Because S.M.A.R.T goals are also effective in your personal lives!


I don’t mind sharing with you my own personal New Year’s resolution. Mine this year is to stop accessing all personal Social Media accounts for a month. After that month I will then choose how to continue; this may be to go back on to them with a new mind, to continue as an ‘online ghost’ or even just cut down my usage. I found that most of the time I spent on Social Media was focusing on others’ happiness rather than my own and this is a habit I feel the need to kick. After all, that’s why people make resolutions; to better themselves and their lifestyle. Although this all sounds very negative, it’s not supposed to - I do love Social Media, and this resolution is somewhat ironic as a big part of my job here at MASS, as a Marketing Manager, is keeping up our online presence. I am confident it will be easy for me to differentiate the two though, as the business online world and presence is fundamentally different to the personal one.


Following on from Luke, our Managing Director’s comment in our December edition of the MASS Media (here) - "I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that each year swings around at an ever-increasing rate of festive knots." It is disconcerting to think how fast a year goes and while we all reflect on our personal lives, now is a good time to reflect on our work lives too. However, I am aware how easy it is to start being critical and overthink what we could’ve done better… ‘Should have, could have, would have’. I have chosen instead to take this time to remind myself how well I did last year in my job role, along with my achievement in gaining three new Marketing qualifications. And to pinpoint which marketing methods worked well for MASS so we can use them again with confidence, and which methods were maybe too easy a feat for us, so we can challenge ourselves further this year. Also, we must put renewed efforts into what we found difficult and learn from any mistakes. Most importantly, it means focusing our energy where we know we are successful.


Before the close of 2018, MASS had completed our first series of MASS roadshows; we delivered six events in six different locations within a mere 10 months. At these events, we met 26 new contacts within the Facilities Management world within 17 new organisations covering the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland! Meanwhile: we also wrote and published 47 blogs, one of which introduced our New Strategic Partnership with Cadassist Ltd, we wrote, designed and published three MASS Media editions, we made 90 LinkedIn posts, we gained 111 new followers on Twitter, 400+ people saw our posts on Facebook and we also expanded our world into Instagram and posted 31 pictures. MASS also attended a few Facilities Management events, including the London Excel Show and Facilities Management Dublin. Following a trend, we also won an award at an ARCHIBUS event titled, ‘Digital Marketing Community Support Award’ and with several of our clients winning themselves well-deserved awards also. Those are some busy sounding statistics!


Yes, it was every bit as challenging as it sounds, and I certainly don’t think we quite appreciated the grand scale of the task that laid out for ourselves in Marketing last year, but it is quite satisfying to look back on now in review.  Each and everything we completed in 2018 provided us with a valuable learning experience. 


Yet again in 2019 MASS will conduct our MASS Roadshows, this time having four events in four different locations: Dublin, Manchester, Bristol and Reading. As well as the Roadshows we are also having a partnered invitation-only event with Sellafield Ltd in February. We will also have another three MASS Media editions falling in April, August and December hopefully including more client case studies and more client interviews. We have already lined up 51 blogs for the year (I know! That's super organised!) The next blog following this one will begin exploring What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1, and that theme will continue on and off, with some Roadshow interruptions until the end of April. We will carry on using different authors for different topics as we believe this worked so well for us in 2018. We will continue, as mentioned, to be present online with all of our profiles on Instagram (massinformations), Facebook, (MassInformationSystemsLtd), Twitter (Mass_UK) and LinkedIn (MASS Information Systems), and I’m sure if another suitable platform is introduced in 2019 we will be open to joining that too! We are looking forward to attending more Facilities Management events, hopefully reaching the likes of The Facilities Event over at the NEC in Birmingham in early April.


At MASS we are also very open to any suggestions, and welcome any thoughts that you may have on our Marketing approaches. I hope that along with MASS, you can take the New Year as an opportunity to congratulate yourselves on last year’s successes, and to look forward to and be prepared for all the activities you have planned for 2019. We thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to spending the year connecting with you all.



If you would like to feature in any of our upcoming events or marketing collateral then please do get in touch by emailing Eve.Feeney@mass-plc.com, or calling our team on 0118 977 8560.

 Eve Feeney




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