As a new year starts, not only are we setting New Year’s resolutions (as discussed in Eve’s blog last week!), but we are also looking at the work we have set for the upcoming year. In my role here at MASS as Sales Account Manager, I take the beginning of a new year to seek new opportunities, learn new things in the world of ARCHIBUS, and to share this with our clients and beyond.


Which brings me on to my main topic. At MASS, we are all fired up and excited to tell you more about the latest version of ARCHIBUS, V.24.1; “2019 – Marks a Year of Major Change in ARCHIBUS”. The full release will include the Enterprise Suite ("load it and go"), the Professional Suite (for full-time staff to leverage advance productivity) and finally the Essential Suite (for organisations needing a highly customisable, multi-domain solution). If you want more in-depth information on the suites and their functionalities, I am more than happy to help. MASS will share more in relation to release dates in the next couple of blogs that follow.


I, alongside MASS' Project Manager David Perkins, attended the ARCHIBUS Connect 2018 event, which is the main regional event for the ARCHIBUS Business Partner community. This year’s event was hosted at a venue within Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. This was a very fitting event to showcase the launch of V24.1 to the Business Partner community.



Above: Some pictures from the event.


To the left: ARCHIBUS Business Partners alongside some members from ARCHIBUS.







Following on from this week’s introduction blog, we will be sharing a course of blogs going through all the new capabilities introduced with the new version. But, I will leave all the technicalities for the ‘techies’, and for now, I will simply cover ARCHIBUS’ Fresh New Look and the new capabilities within Self-Service.


Let's start with Web Central’s new interface. The new interface has new layout elements with new fonts to help legibility (this is especially handy on those complex forms!). Some examples of Web Central’s new interface can be seen below with the login screen view, then the Space Gap Analysis view ending with the Define Employees view. I think the new look is definitely a change in the right direction.


Moving on...


'Self-service at the Speed of Business' - in V 24.1, the new self-service ARCHIBUS Workplace interface will be a responsive Web application. Making it easy for anyone to request maintenance and services, reserve spaces and also to find anything else they may need. ARCHIBUS Workplace will be a seamless experience across all devices, from phones, tablets, desktops and kiosks. The idea behind this being that it connects all users, be it to their workstations, conference rooms or equipment all through an easy online system. This all being completed with the ability to create and access interactive floorplans and QR-Codes (Quick Response Codes) - how jazzy!


Going forward, all users of the system will be able to launch the application from a URL or from a QR-code that are attached to workstations, conference rooms or equipment. Managers will be able to track all requests in one place, with alerts and metrics - optimising workplaces strategies.




On phones and mobile devices, the application will support an "Add to home screen" function. This means that even though it appears on the home screen application, it doesn't require and installation or syncing.



Guests can use this application or use a kiosk as a guest, or sign in. If signing in, you can then view and manage your personal queue of requests. As briefly mentioned above, managers will also be able to use ARCHIBUS Workplace to track all employees, any spaces, moves and requests.


Hopefully, this blog has given you a useful introductory taster. In next week’s blog, our technical director Martin Matt will move on to the next instalment of ‘What's New in V24.1’,  covering Real Estate Portfolio Management - ARCHIBUS' new Extension for Lease Accounting.


If you would like any more information regarding this blogs topic, please don't hesitate in contacting either myself or the MASS Technical Services Team. We are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at news@mass-plc.com.


  Ravi Girn



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