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So here we are again: a new year and a new version of ARCHIBUS. Which means that our team here at MASS are going to be releasing a set of blogs covering the major changes made in this new version of ARCHIBUS. We hope to help you understand the changes, and how they may (or may not!) impact you.

My blog today is going to be covering the move management console which has been newly added to the Space Management Module. My blog this week will be brief as the console is simply a merging of two already existing views within Web Central.


Although move management has been a part of ARCHIBUS for a while, this is the first time that there has been a console in place that centralises the information for both individual and group movements. This allows you as a space manager to be more efficient with your move management actions, due to the higher level of visibility within the console.



Below is a small table outlining features of the console and its benefits to the stakeholders, as well as an image of the console itself provided by ARCHIBUS.


Move Console Feature


The benefit to Move Stakeholders


Manage individual and the group moves from a single view


Review individual and group move together. Plan and execute moves efficiently. For example: identify individual and group moves that you can execute on the same day or with the same move resources (move personnel, transportation, etc.) to maximize utilisation of move resources and lower move costs.


Group individual moves into group move projects


Enable self-service move requests within group moves to optimise the speed and efficiency of moves and lower move costs.



That is the end of this week’s short blog. We look forward to sharing more next time - next weeks blog will be written by Andrew Taylor on Support for BOMA 2017 What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1.


If you would like any more information regarding this blogs topic, please don't hesitate in contacting either myself or the MASS Technical Services Team. We are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at


Callum Doyle


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