What’s new in 24: The PM Planner and Managing Missed Work

Hello, and welcome to my second blog of the year. I’ll be carrying on with the theme of outlining parts of ARCHIBUS 24 that have been amended and improved from previous versions of the software and discussing what it means for our users.

Today we will discuss managing missed work. In the past, if a PPM didn’t generate, or the generation was missed due to time constraints, or work was missed by the crafts-persons and supervisors, this could have very negative repercussions. Due to the way the BOMS console and other natural reporting tools within ARCHIBUS worked, there was a good chance this missed work would have been buried and lost.


However, the great news is that now within Version 24.1 Maintenance Managers can identify and isolate the missed work and rectify the error by generating new preventive maintenance work orders for the near future. This is done through the application of certain filters within the PM Planner to find the missed or overdue work, then scheduling the work as a one-time work order, also within the PM Planner.


It’s important to note that to be able to utilise the new functionality effectively, the concept of ‘missed’ and ‘overdue’ in ARCHIBUS must be clearly defined.


  • Missed PM: A PM schedule date by which a PM Work Order was not completed or not generated.
  • Overdue PM: A PM Schedule in which a full interval has passed since the last completed PM Work Order.
    • Where Date of Last PM + Interval > Current Date

Below are a couple of screenshots. The first is an example of the workflow and filters that can be used to manage the PM Work Order Process. The second image is of the renewed PM Planner view within version 24 of the software. These provide a helpful illustration showing how to avoid problems due to missed work.






Figure 1: PM Work Order Workflow









Figure 2: PM Planner view Version 24.1


ARCHIBUS is evolving and we have more to share with you. Our next briefing on version 24 will tackle managing work outside the building. For that, I will hand over to Andrew Taylor but you will see me blogging again soon. 


If you would like any more information regarding this blogs topic, please don't hesitate in contacting either myself or the MASS Technical Services Team. We are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at news@mass-plc.com.

Callum Doyle





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