Self-service and Outlook Integration

Our blog this week deals with integration between ARCHIBUS’ new self-service interface and Outlook. You can expect to see this interface in the V.24.1 release of ARCHIBUS.


Self-service at the Speed of Business
The new self-service ARCHIBUS Workplace interface is a responsive web application that makes it easy for anyone to request maintenance and services, reserve spaces and to find everything they need. With a seamless experience across phones, tablets, desktops and kiosks, ARCHIBUS Workplace connects users to their workstations, conference rooms, and equipment through an easy online system, complete with interactive floor plans and QR codes. With Workplace, users can also view the requests they have made.



Access to the ARCHIBUS Workplace can be via the following

  • launching the application from a URL.
  • launching the application from a QR-code attached to workstations, conference rooms, or equipment.
  • signing in as a guest on a walk-up kiosk.
  • accessing it from your phone or tablet. On phones and mobile devices, the application supports the "Add to home screen" function, meaning that it appears on the home screen as an application; however, it needs no installation and requires no sync.

What is ARCHIBUS Workplace?
ARCHIBUS Workplace is a self-service application that enables company employees and guests to:

  • request meeting spaces and working spaces
  • request maintenance
  • request equipment service
  • request moves
  • make other types of requests particular to your site
  • search for buildings and review their floor plans
  • search for rooms and locate them on floor plans
  • search for employees and locate their assigned office on a floor plan
  • search for a department and examine on a floor plan all the space assigned to this department
  • review a floor plan and see each department's space on that floor

ARCHIBUS Workplace is accessed from a URL in the form: 

Depending on operations at your site, you can access ARCHIBUS Workplace from:

  • employee phones, tablets, and desktops
  • lobby kiosks
  • room kiosks
  • QR codes on equipment and reservable space






Using ARCHIBUS Workplace
From Workplace self-service users can:

  • search for rooms
  • search for employees
  • initiate requests, such as requests for meeting space, working space, moves, and maintenance

Self-service users can access Workplace from:

  • desktops
  • mobile devices
  • walk-up kiosks
  • a tablet mounted in a conference room
  • by scanning a QR code in a room or on a piece of equipment and then entering a request for this item

Once self-service users make requests from Workplace, a facility manager can manage the requests using the below ARCHIBUS applications. Using the ARCHIBUS applications, you can add additional details to the request. 

As the request is managed in the ARCHIBUS applications, the requestor will see the request status change in Workplace. For example:
1. A Workplace user requests to move.
2. In the Move Console, the manager approves the request.
3. In Workplace, the requestor sees in their list of requests that the status of the move request has changed from Requested to Approved.



Workplace Services: New Capabilities with the Outlook Plugin

A variety of new features provide new benefits to users who deploy ARCHIBUS Workplace Services. The following sections describe these features and their benefits.

Features and Benefits for Administrators


Features and Benefits for Managers and End Users


Managers can set default filter options for staff members, to narrow their search for available rooms. Managers can also select room attributes members see in the available rooms panel. Then staff members can sort the room list by column in order to reserve the most appropriate space.


A reservation email message contains information about a meeting that recurs weekly and links to more detailed information about each meeting instance.




I hope this has been a useful introduction to a useful aspect of ARCHIBUS’ new self-service interface. At MASS we look forward to sharing our next blog with you. For that, I’ll be handing over to Andrew Taylor who will be discussing new chart options.




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         Martin Matt


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