New Chart Options for the Building Operations Reports Console in Web Central V24.1

In this Blog, we cover the new chart options in the Building Operations Reports Console for Web Central version 24.1. Hopefully, this will provide a useful guide to a very useful new feature.


1.    Overview

Web Central version 24 now has powerful charting capabilities to produce informative reports for their intended audiences. To action work requests, users can also directly access the Building Operations Console from the Work Requests details pop-up.


Process Navigator Path: Building Operations / On Demand Work / Management Reports / Building Operations Report Console:



2.    New Features

Reports can:

  • Include pie charts for the filtered data
  • Be saved for repeat use. Saving a report saves the filters for that report so it can be generated again quickly
  • Be generated in tabular form with details of work requests
  • Be generated as a separate summary report in a separate tab
  • Be printed





3.    Filter

Using the panel at the top of the view, you can select options to generate a variety of reports on all types of data. The Report Console generates a title for your report using the items that you specify.


To restrict the report to a key set of data, use the More button to show additional options by which you can report. The items that you select from this panel will be listed in red beneath the report title so that you have a clear reminder of the data that the report is showing. Use as many filter options as desired to limit your report to the specific data on which you want to focus.



4.    Chart Icons



5.    Save the Report or Bar Chart

When the data is displayed as a report or as a bar chart, you can save the report for future access using the left-most button. If you have taken time to set restrictions and other properties of a report, you will find this option handy for saving the report, so you do not need to re-create it.







Use the leftmost button to access a form for entering a Tab name and Report Title for the current report or bar chart.


The Console will display the report in the tab you specify and the Recent button (located at the top of the Console) will include this report.




6.    View the Data in a Report

Use the Summary Report button in the icon menu (located in the upper right corner) to display the data in a summary report.


Once you choose the Summary Report button, the button toggles to a bar chart button so that you can return to bar chart format.



7.    View the Data in a Pie Chart

Use the Pie Chart button in the menu bar to display the data in a pie chart.


Since a pie chart can display only two pieces of data, the pie chart presents the sum of the category's Work Requests by the grouping.



You can also present the data of a particular category in a pie chart. Click a category on the x-axis from the main linear chart (red box shown below) and a pop-up window will display a pie chart organised by the grouping category. Mouse over each section of the pie to see further details.


















8.    View the Contributing Data

To see the specific data leading to the report or chart summary, use the Show Details button to access the list of work requests that contributes to the bar chart and report summaries.


From here, you can export the records and change the displayed work request fields using the icons in the upper right corner of the Work Requests form. Note that the list of work requests is filtered according to the filter you set, and the text at the top of the form reminds you of the filter.



You can then select specific Work Requests and link straight to the Building Operations Console by clicking on the leftmost button.




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