MASS visited Dublin...again!

Due to the success of 2018’s Dublin Roadshow, we just couldn’t resist making

another visit to Dublin. This year, we hosted at the centrally located Temple Bar Hotel, which as the name suggests is right in the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar. The venue provided us with a super funky meeting room - great for keeping spirits high during the event! The day kicked off a little later than usual and this time we made a few changes to our typical agenda for the day, but the principles of the event stayed the same.

The attendance for our 2018 Dublin Roadshow was great, so it was nice to replicate that buzzy vibe, meet some new people and of course, reconvene with some of the many organisations we met last year. 



The event handed our new recruit Ravi Girn the ideal opportunity to meet new people from different organisations and the opportunity to showcase the latest version of ARCHIBUS, V24.1. This consisted of a demonstration of the new console, going into depth with new features such as the Self-Service portal. We expanded on frequently requested tasks such as Room Booking and self-service functions for visitors and staff. We also elaborated in detail on how On-Demand Maintenance and Preventative Planned Maintenance has improved within the new release, summarised some of our clients’ fantastic success stories, and handed out some of our great merchandise.


When lunchtime came around, we took a break with a lavish lunch spread served in the hotel’s bar, surrounded by pool tables and other entertainment, before the event continued into the afternoon…where things got a little more in depth! The latter part of the day is usually a great opportunity to discuss our clients’ individual needs as they relate to ARCHIBUS.


We love meeting and networking with new organisations, just as much as we love chatting about ARCHIBUS. We would love to meet even more of you at our future roadshows this year. For those interested in joining us for the next round, more information on our next location appears on page 15 of this edition.

Please view our Eventbrite profile to view all of our events lined up for 2019. You can view this here.


Eve Feeney and Ravi Girn


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