The Death of Adobe Flash

In the IT industry there is a concept - Moore’s Law- that’s been around for a while. It denotes that every two years transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles, meaning circuitry roughly becomes twice as fast, half the cost or half the size every two years. While this may not be exactly correct, it is a reasonable shorthand way to make the point that technology- and therefore software- is always moving forward and improving, and at quite a pace. Especially against security breaches.


The reason that I bring this up is because of a well-known piece of software that has been utilised on web platforms for many years now as the multi-media base for animation, sound and images. I am, of course, talking about Flash.


While it has been a very useful tool for many websites, and helped boost the intractability of websites so that users find it easier to navigate to what they require, in recent years it has started to have security issues due to the age of the code base. To that end, Adobe has decided that updating the software and the underlying code-base has become too much of a time sync and so they are allowing the software to die.


Thankfully this is only a mild inconvenience for a lot of people, as a large reason for Flash’s eventual demise has been the uptake of html5 as a multi-media format. Capable of everything that Flash does, but a lot more secure.


The reason I am writing about this is that Archibus utilises Adobe Flash within Web Central to manage and view interactive images of your buildings in the Space module, the Assets module or the Building Operations module.


The specific expiry date that has been given to Flash is December 2020, so we have a bit of time to prepare for it no longer being a viable multimedia option. There is further good news as well: Archibus has been preparing for this eventuality since html5 as a format started to overtake flash as the preferred multimedia format. So, if you’re on version 23.2 or later of Archibus, your interactive plans that are published up from CAD or Revit are already using html5 format rather than Flash, and you won’t have an issue with the turning off of the software.


The only problem- I’d call it an opportunity!- is that if you’re on an earlier version of Archibus, I’m afraid that you’re going to have to look into getting a system upgrade to at least version 23.2 so that you can continue using your published building plans.

At MASS we see this as an opportunity for clients to upgrade, allowing you to take advantage of better and improved features in general, and we will be available to advise on any steps that need taking before the end of next year.


Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks Wednesday blog! If you have any questions related to this topic and would like to chat to MASS all about it, we are available on 0118 977 8560 or email us at

Callum Doyle 



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