Hazardous Materials

Organisations must safely handle toxic products, verify regulatory compliance and inform first responders where those materials are stored, and what might be encountered during an emergency.

Maintaining this information in folders or file drawers can be expensive to manage, difficult to update and a challenge to access in an emergency.

Part of the Environmental and Risk Management domain, the Web-based Archibus Hazardous Materials application provides instant access and updates to Safety Data Sheets from anywhere, stores lists of chemical products used in workplaces, and catalogues their SDS.

With its companion Hazardous Materials Mobile App, it facilitates verification, updates, and retrieval, by scanning stored containers.

It also integrates materials inventories, space/occupancy data, equipment inventories and organisational information with the site and floor plan graphics.


 Minimises the risk of serious injury to building occupants and first responders
 Satisfies chemical safety and inventory documentation reporting obligations efficiently
 Enables First Responders to quickly and reliably retrieve chemical safety information during an emergency
 Reduces the administrative cost and effort required to maintain an up-to-date SDS library
 Identifies errors and omissions in data, and potential problems in management processes





Thank you for reading today’s blog. For any questions about Hazardous Materials or any aspects of Archibus, please contact MASS at 0118 977 8560 or visit our website at www.mass-plc.com


David Perkins


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