Environmental Health & Safety module V24.1

In this blog, we give a brief overview of the Environmental Health & Safety module in Web Central 24.1.


 1. Overview

The ARCHIBUS Environmental Health & Safety application manages the vital components of a company’s safety program, as well as provides a system for tracking workplace accidents (incidents) when they do occur.


With this information, safety officers can:
• Document and track health and safety incidents that do
occur. If safety officers have access to the Incidents Reporting mobile app, they can start this process right from the accident scene using their smartphones and then sync the device to upload the data to the database.
• Track post-incident medical treatment
• Analyze safety incidents and take action to minimize their
future occurrence
• Develop the requirements for the corporate safety program and ensure that each employee meets these requirements

• Manage prohibitions against employees performing tasks that compromise their health and safety
• Maintain a comprehensive health and safety document library
• Prepare for health and safety audits
• Provide evidence of compliance with state and federal safety regulations



2. Creating an Incident

Incident Details can be entered with the below information:
Date of Incident - The system automatically completes this with the current system date. If you are recording an incident that occurred in the past, you can edit this value.
Time of Incident
Affected Employee - Choose a value from the existing list of employees. If the affected person is not an employee, complete either Affected Non-Employee Name or Non-Employee Contact Code. See Incident Information for a Non-Employee.
Incident Type - Choose a category to describe the incident, such as fall, burn, or collision.
Reported By/Recorded By - The system will automatically complete these fields with the current user. If you become aware of this incident from another source, enter this in Reported By.
• Responsible Manager - From the list of employees, choose the manager that is responsible for the employee involved in the incident.
Safety Officer - From the list of employees, choose the safety officer responsible for this building,
property, or site. If you leave this field empty, the system will automatically complete it with the safety officer defined for the entered location. (The application will search for safety officers where the site, property, or building value matches the one entered in the form. It will enter the first match it finds.)

Injury Category Code

Injury Area Code
Chemical / Substance Name
Activity before Injury - Describe the party’s activity immediately before the incident occurred. The more details that you enter, the more valuable the incident report will be.
Incident Description - Enter as much additional information about the incident as you know.



Additional information can be added to the incident:
• Site Information
• Medical Information
• Incident Response
o Generate Service Requests related to the incident
o Medical Monitoring
o Work Restrictions
o Employee Training
o Personal Protective
Equipment Types
• Documentation
• Incident Witnesses


3. Reports

Operational and Management Reports are unavailable including an incident map which can drill -down to the incident details



Regularity report forms can be generated


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