Being Prepared

Hopefully, you are beginning to find a sensible way through the COVID-19 crisis and are bring your workplaces and workforce back from furlough and perhaps even back to the premises. We find ourselves poised to emerge from this state of emergency and mostly have our sanity intact but who knows how long this process will take or indeed if we will take 3 steps forwards and 2 back?

Robert Baden-Powell formed The Boy Scouts Movement in 1909 and a year later The Girl Guides unit in 1910 teaching us all to “Be Prepared”. I am proud to have been both a Brownie and a Girl Guide during my youth, just a few years ago (!) and proudly wore my sleeve of badges on each of my uniforms. I learned many life skills during these years including how to sew, knit, cook, entertain, garden and many others, what I now know was missing from this fabulous set of achievements was my COVID-19 preparation badge. Whoever thought we would find ourselves in the midst of this strange, frightening moment where we are all searching for some “normal” and following a new set of rules.

As a manager myself, I have been inundated with requests from clients and staff alike. All important questions, some related to things I was not fully prepared for, have never encountered, nor even thought about before. Fortunately, the actual preparations regarding the physical buildings themselves, the hard and soft services and equipment had been planned long ahead of time, and I am sure all the Mass Clients were in the same fortunate position. Whilst writing those plans, I had often thought, as I’m sure we all have from time to time, why am I doing this? I will never actually need to use these strategies, I never thought I would need to take such drastic steps and I am sure you didn’t either.

From all of this I have learned that everything we preach about planning is indeed very relevant and that in fact, one can never, ever, be too prepared. I am sure we have all come up against things we have never thought about before in the last few months and I am also sure there are many more of these situations ahead of us as the landscape, rules, guidelines and advice changes. I feel that with some of these issues we are trying to hit a moving target, so fluidity, adaptability and change are three things we are having to embrace daily. I know many of you reading this are working within our amazing NHS and I cannot imagine how difficult or different from “normal” this is for you. We all think you’re unbelievably amazing, keep doing what you are doing, and we extend our utmost gratitude to you.

Never again will I complain about writing a strategy or a plan for a different kind of scenario nor a risk assessment. Never again will I underestimate the importance of these plans, plans that I never thought I would need or use. Never, ever have I seen life and our environments change in such a rapid way nor in such a short space of time. Never have I seen such a display of humanity pulling together in a time of crisis.

We are fortunate not to have lived through a time like this before and when this is all over, we will all hopefully have learned to appreciate our lives, our spaces and the people around us more, to live our lives in a less complicated and selfish way. To coin the phrase used often, we will, and indeed have, nearly, got through this together. 



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Tracy Knight 


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