What’s new in V.25.3

Last year Archibus released their cloud-based solution and over 2019, Archibus released quarterly updates starting with 24.1 to 24.4 Earlier this year Archibus released 25.1 which merged the developments of the Cloud and the Enterprise solutions incorporating all application and a new common interface. In line with the quarterly release program Archibus V.25.3 will shortly be available, it is a full-software release and contains the following major enhancements:

Three key additional functionalities have been incorporated into the 25.3 release along with improvements to the 25.2 back to work functionality. All of which will greatly improve the workflow process in Maintenance and the overall usability with the more meaningful data structure in terms of descriptions and locational data.


A)     Configuration: enable user-defined fields in forms and reports

  • Define new fields
  • Enable existing fields
  • Use enabled fields in forms, reports, highlights

B)     Maintenance: Checklists, built on the Extended Questionnaires system

  • Define checklists and associate with SLA workflow
  • Use checklists in the field for surveys

C)    Compliance: Extended Questionnaires UI Update

D)    Continuing Improvements in the 25.2 release

  • Back to Work: occupancy plans, reports
  • Workplace: hoteling building lists


Configuration: Enable Existing Fields and Define New Fields

A significant game-changer in Archibus V.25.3 a function enabling users to configure your data fields and views. You can track, manage, and report on any field available out of the box in Archibus space inventory and employee directory. You can also add your own fields to Archibus space inventory and employee directory.


These features work out of the box and do not require any product modification or customization. Upgrades to new product versions automatically preserve customer’s field and view configuration settings.


Working from both cloud or locally installed deployments, business process owners with appropriate security can configure data fields which can be added to views, reports, and floor plans. Using the Configure Fields form, they can:


  • Promote Archibus stock fields so that they are available in a select set of views.
  • Create new user-defined fields.

For these promoted and user-defined fields, all business process owners can:


  • Enter values for these fields in forms.
  • Display or hide these fields in grids.
  • Add custom floor plan highlights and labels based on these fields.

Archibus 25.3 supports user-defined and promoted fields in these tables:


  • Buildings
  • Floors
  • Rooms
  • Employees


when accessed in these views:


  • Define Locations
  • Define Employees
  • Space Console


Promote Existing Stock Fields

When working with the Space Console, Define Employees, or Define Locations view, you might need a field that exists in the Archibus schema but is not visible in these views or available from the views' Select Fields form.


In this case, you can access the Configure Fields form from the Define Employees or Define Locations views and "promote" an existing field by setting the Promoted? option. The field will then be available in the Select Fields form of these views, as well as the Space Console. Additionally, when working with floor plans in the Space Console, you can use this field in floor plan highlights and labels. Once you promote a field, it is written to the schema and is promoted in other views that use this feature.


For example, the Calling Card Number field exists in the schema but is not available to choose from the Select Fields option when working with the Space Console. From the Configure Employee Fields form of the Define Employees view, you can promote this field. It will now be available in Select Fields of Define Employees and Space Console.



Define New Fields

When the Archibus set of stock fields does not track the data you require, you can now define your own fields, directly from forms, using the new User-Defined Field feature of the Define Locations and Define Employees views. Specify the key properties of the new field, and the field will be immediately available in these views and in the Space Console.



Access your New Fields in Forms and Reports

Once you define fields, you can access them in the Space Console, Define Locations, and Define Employees views.

For example, this image shows adding a CO2 Level field to the Rooms table using the Define Locations view, and then editing this new field using the Space Console's Edit Room form.



Label and Highlight by New Fields in Floor Plans

Working with the floor plan in the Space Console, you can highlight by new or promoted room fields and display them as labels. For example, you might highlight rooms by their CO2 Level: low, medium, or high, with a different color for each highlight.


Define Maintenance Checklists

Use the Define Maintenance Checklists task (ab-pm-checklist.axvw) to define the checklists that craftsperson and other users can complete as part of a job.

Use Define Maintenance Checklists task to:

  • define and edit a questionnaire profile
  • start a new questionnaire by copying an existing one
  • add a section
  • add questions to a questionnaire section
  • define answers
  • add instructions
  • add a follow-up action or question based on the user's response
  • edit the components of a questionnaire
  • preview and test the questionnaire that the user will receive
  • export a questionnaire to PDF, DOC, or, XLS

As you define your questionnaires, examine the sample checklists in the HQ project. The samples are based on real-life checklists and include all types of questions, as well as using headers to organize the information. If you do not see an example in the maintenance checklists, consult the compliance questionnaires using the Sustainability & Risk / Compliance / Compliance Program Manager / Define Compliance Questionnaire task.


Search for Questionnaires

When you load the Define Maintenance Checklists task, it displays an empty filter and displays no questionnaires. To see all questionnaires, click Show without completing any filter options, and the questionnaires display beneath the filter. From the list of questionnaires, select a questionnaire by clicking on it; you move to a screen with the questionnaire details.


You can search for questionnaires by completing the filter options.


The 'My Questionnaire' button limits the list of questionnaires to those created or edited by the current user.


Export Questionnaires

Use the Export button, to the right of the Add New button, to export the displayed questionnaire records to an Excel, Word, or PDF.


Create a New Questionnaire

Click the Add New button and you move the Questionnaire Profile form.


Create a New Questionnaire by Copying the Questionnaire and its Assigned Questions

You may want to start with an existing version of a questionnaire, whether a prior edition of one they wish to revise or something roughly similar that they wish to emulate. In this case, use the Copy function to copy the questionnaire and its assigned questions to a new questionnaire, and then adjust as needed.

1. Locate the desired questionnaire on the list.

2. Click the ellipses button for this item. From the pop-up menu, select Copy.

3.The system creates a new questionnaire based on the source name by appending "(Copy)" to the name; for example, "Spill Checklist (Copy)." You can edit the name to reflect the purpose of your new questionnaire. You can adjust the assigned questions by deleting those you don't need, editing assigned questions, and adding new questions.


With the expansion of the extended questionnaire feature to Maintenance checklists, the Compliance features using extended questionnaires were also updated.


The Define Compliance Questionnaire view has an updated user interface, which matches the Checklist interface. All enhancements were made without changing the schema and framework.




Enhancements include:

  • An easy-to-follow workflow
  • WYSIWYG forms so that designers see the survey as it develops and no longer needs to use a "preview" form.
  • Show only the relevant information based on the survey designer's selection.
  • Show only the Question/Answers that survey definers are currently working on
  • Hiding follow-up actions/answers by default, but the user can still access them easily

Survey users in the field see an updated interface:



For details, see:


  • Help topic: https://www.archibus.net/ai/abizfiles/v25.3_help/archibus_help/user_en/archibus.htm#../Subsystems/webc/Content/compliance/ex_quest/define_survey.htm
  • View file: ab-comp-checklist.axvw
  • Path: Sustainability & Risk / Compliance / Compliance Program Manager / Define Compliance Questionnaires

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