Space Console module - version 25 updates

Welcome to another Mass blog. Today I will be going over the changes made to the Space Module in version 25 of Archibus.


There are 4 major changes in the Space Console with an update to version 25:

o Effective use of screen space

o Smart Search

o Smart interactions with fewer clicks

o Modern look


The new and improved Space Console is now a lot cleaner in the way it’s displayed and managed. In the past, there were many menus and blocks that took up most of the screen, but now the menus have been changed into intuitive buttons instead, allowing for a greater amount of space within the view for the floor plans themselves.



The main design philosophy that has driven this latest version of Web Central is the effective use of Screen Space, items have been reduced or hidden where they’re not needed. A perfect example is that space and occupancy metrics are hidden until you select the floor you require.


This efficiency and design have also been built into the search tool, which Archibus are now calling a smart search. This means they’ve expanded the pool of search terms, so you don’t just search by room, floor, or building ID, but can now search by Division, Department or Room Category. So now not only is the view simplified for you to see more information, but you can also find the space data faster and create more varied reports for your business.


The improved Advanced Search tool specifies more detailed criteria, based on the search parameters put in, the Space Console loads and highlights saving you a few extra clicks.



The Advanced Search form assists by zooming into the relevant data, offering only values in the validated lists that meet the search criteria already entered. For example, enter SRL in the Building field and the Select Value form for the Division Code field shows only divisions on this floor.



The advanced search has been re-designed to cache searches, so after taking the time to enter a search, you can easily access it again without re-entering. You can save searches that you enter with distinctive names. The improved "Recent Searches" action shows both "Smart Search" and "Advanced Search" entries. You can modify this list by deleting recent searches that you do not frequently use.


Previously Space Managers have only worked on one floor at a time, but with the introduction of Floor Plan Loading the system is now set up for Space Managers to quickly toggle between separate floor plans with a single click on the floor list.


If a search finds only one match, the Space Console immediately displays the floor plan and then highlights it according to your search criteria. This saves you extra selection steps and mouse clicks.


Finally, we will look at the Advanced Filtering and Highlighting brought about by Version 25 of Archibus.


You can now restrict the Details panel to show only information for the selected floors by setting the "Selected Floors only" option. With this feature, you can streamline the displayed data and more efficiently work within the panel.



You can select and deselect multiple rows to highlight only specific information. An example of this can be seen below where a user has selected the indicated rows, and thus created the highlight pattern to appear on the floor plan.




I hope that users of the Space Console within Archibus find this blog to be useful and have an opportunity to use the tools that have been added and improved.


If you would like to learn more, please contact us! Call us on 0118 977 8560 or alternatively email us at


Callum Doyle



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