Your Guide to Workplace Data Governance

Data is essential to managing your workplace. You don’t want to assign an employee a seat in a restroom. Amid COVID-19, it’s even more critical to collect and analyze data for better space planning and employee safety. 

As you make current and future plans for your organisation, you’ll need to manage ongoing real estate costs, determine when to reopen doors, and plan how employees come back to work. Data drives efficient decision-making as you work toward better space planning, work scheduling, and safety standards. With a focus on resources, processes, and strategy, you need evidence to back up those decisions and guide your organisation to a successful future. That’s where data governance can help.

The increased use of building information management (BIM) software is helping facilities managers better understand space, assets, equipment, and utilities. Initially used by construction managers, engineers, and architects to plan the design and construction of a building, BIM software can be a powerful data governance tool through the integration of information with an IWMS platform. For example, if a sensor detects a computer isn’t working, the IWMS can ping the BIM to request a location, then notify the IT team of the problem.

An IWMS or space management platform best meets data governance needs by using real-time information for informed decisions. Data should be accessible and provide a level of detail that helps you create a back-to-work plan (including equipment, airflow, cleaning schedules, socially distant seating, and office movement) and future needs such as hiring, moving, and expansion.


In the latest guide from SpaceIQ—Your Guide to Workplace Data Governance—they explain what data governance means, how you can adapt processes for better information use, and what technologies are key for collecting and analyzing data. Learn: 

» How data governance helps your business grow
» Ways to rethink space use during COVID-19
» Where workplace and space management technology plays 

The guide includes these sections:

  • Data Governance vs. Data Management
  • Data Governance as a Process
  • How Data Governance Helps Your Business
  • Data Governance and Real Estate
  • Back-to-Work Information Gold
  • Is Your Organisation Using Data Governance Well?
  • Technology and Data Governance
  • Checklist: Best Practices for Data Governance


Click here to download the guide today and start governing your workplace data in ways you’ve never considered. 


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Edited by Alastair Jeffery 


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