To Infinity and Beyond!

Here we are in 2021, a year on from our first lockdown. The first time I have ever been told by the Prime Minister to stay at home, it’s a long time since anyone told me to stay at home to be fair! From a personal perspective I have grown tired of Zoom, I have had meetings on Zoom, interviewed candidates on Zoom, seen family on Zoom, attended exercise classes on Zoom and I could go on. I am looking forward to deleting the App and getting back to seeing real people again and when I say seeing people, I mean the whole of their faces, not the bit above the mask! I don’t think you can beat real human contact, the expression on someone’s face and their body language tell so much more than their words and I miss people so let’s hope things keep heading in the right direction!


We are finding more staff are wanting to return to the office and we are probably 80% back to office-based working. We have proved to ourselves, and each other, that working from home is very possible but from a team point of view it has been very isolating. Local Lateral Flow testing has been introduced and is being encouraged in Wokingham, where our offices are based. Anyone who is leaving the house for work is invited to take 2 tests a week at a variety of local venues and the results arrive in 30 minutes. Again, from a personal point of view, this allows me to strike a balance between working in the office and keeping my family safe. I think the pandemic has left a lot of emotion in each of us whether that is anger and frustration at the Government, fear of Covid itself, or worse a general fear about the outside world and one’s mortality. I feel grateful for the family time and for the time I have spent in my home and garden which perhaps I took for granted prior to March 2020. I believe that as things start to open and we are free to do the other things we like to do whether that is going to the pub, football matches, holidays or in my case the gym (I know!) we will again be more grateful for these opportunities and this freedom.

As a Management Team, we find ourselves faced again with a new set of challenges. We need to continually adapt our offices and culture to both tick all the legal requirement boxes and, even more importantly, to make sure everyone on the team is safe and comfortable with their surroundings, cleanliness, health, co-workers, working conditions and so much more. We operate an open-door policy at Mass, just sanitise on the way in and out, don’t touch the door handle, and don’t sit too close! It is what makes Management so interesting, it’s a continual learning curve and there really is no “one size fits all” solution, ever! Covid is the current thing keeping us on our toes and we wonder what the rest of 2021 has in store. Whatever is ahead we will embrace it with an open mind and find a solution, to steal Buzz Lightyears' tagline as both business and a team of Managers we will go “To Infinity and Beyond”!

Written by Tracy Knight

Office Manager 


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