MASS are a reseller for the Facile Application

MASS are focussing on the imperative for better satisfaction for the end user. In 2022 our clients will see a number of new products launched, in addition to the Space IQ + iOffice family of ArchibusiOfficeSerraview and SiQ. 


This month MASS are pleased to announce we have become a reseller of Facile, providing solutions for our current climate and as an integrated tool to support the organisation long term. The Facile app cleverly connects your teams and workspaces to fit the new ways of working, which is why we are so thrilled to be working with the Facile team.


The Facile application boasts many benefits including:  improving employee retention and engagement, data driven portfolio optimisation, setting optimal working conditions, managing hybrid working environments, designing clean and healthy work spaces. Want to know more? Click to read here



“Future proofing work environments is a hot topic right now. Facile is a perfect fit for organisations that recognise that the future is dynamic and people-oriented. If you want your self managing teams to use their time and space optimally, you need to look no further! It’s great to be working with a company that prides itself on a fast set up time, we’ve seen how responsive the app – and the company are to client needs, .” Alastair Jeffery, Client Success Manager, MASS. 

The Facile application is built by PROCOS Group. Their talented team has over 30 years of experience in helping clients build the right physical, digital and human working environment.

“Facile is the result of applying our ‘Space, Software & Soul’-expertise on exciting contemporary challenges. Simplicity might just be the ultimate sophistication. Behind an easy app lays all the human and artificial intelligence we have to offer, to integrate user experience and smart facility management.” Adriaan Peeters, Key Account Manager.

Last year MASS serviced over 1400 support requests from our clients and delivered on 17 major projects. The client success focus is all about ongoing success, not just the task in hand. It is relatively easy to answer a support call or deliver a project; the question we are asking now is how are we adding value to the process and what does that mean to the client’s end users. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and our relationship is strong, which enables us to better understand and address their challenges – and to apply that understanding across clients old and new. We firmly believe Facile will fit in well with our portfolio in 2022.  

Take a look here for further information  

View their website here:


Contact Alastair Jeffery if you would like to discuss a demo


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