What’s New in Archibus v2022.01

What’s New in Archibus v2022.01

Firstly, you’ll notice that SpaceIQ have shifted the naming convention to align to the release year. Archibus supported versions are the current major and previous two; therefore v25.x, v26.x and v2022.x. Unsupported versions by Archibus will continue to be supported by Mass, and we are working with many clients to upgrade to current versions.


Web Central Enhancements

• Maintenance Console: UI enhancements

              A number of enhancements have been made: better highlighting and colour coding of priorities; including the last comment added as well as the initial fault; adding the time remaining before due as well as the due date; the ability to flag ‘returned work’ e.g. by supervisor; rejected; failed. In the Request Details screen you can now tag staff to generate an email notification and add documents including linking to a url

• Space Console performance improvements

              Screen load times have improved by 30-50% over v26.1

• Reservations: Exchange integration improvements

              Ability to look for and prevent booking conflicts.

Enable reservations from tablets.

• Reservations: Combined Reservations and Hoteling report


Archibus Workplace for end users

• Users can now see permanently assigned employees at desks



Administrators in the service catalog can now include request types that go to an external URL

Archibus Workplace can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store and allows you to:

  • Upload pictures using the mobile device's camera roll
  • Book a room or service request by scanning a QR code


Proofs of Concept & Solutions

• Autodesk Forge Building Console

              With the latest update from the collaboration between SpaceIQ and Autodesk, Forge Integration you can visualise system connections, plan maintenance and build digital twin integrations.



• BMS Integration - charts and KPIs


Auto-create work orders based on fault detection and diagnostics to repair or check on high-priority equipment before it fails. Consult equipment history to perform additional checks when maintenance managers and field technicians travel on site.


Forthcoming system environment changes

• OpenJDK 8 will be de-supported in V.2022.02. After that, Archibus will support OpenJDK 11 only.

• Tomcat 8.5 will be de-supported in V.2022.02. After that, Archibus will support Tomcat 9 only.

• Starting with V.2022.02, Archibus will support the last five versions of AutoCAD and Revit.


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