Showcasing the real benefits of using a Visitor Management System


Visitor management system is a technology that keeps track of visitors entering the building. These visitors can be your clients, contractors, courier, interviewees, or consultants and replace the traditional, paper-led method. Benefits of utilizing this new technology include increasing the productivity and efficiency of organisations. 

Providing smooth and easy access for visitors and employees is gaining momentum and focus for many organisations due to the impact the right visitor management system can have. Here are the reasons why you should consider investing in one.


  • Productivity Challenges 



Interruptions – In offices without a permanent front desk, interruptions are particularly problematic. An average office worker is stopped once every 11 minutes, according to a University of California, Irvine research. Getting back to a task after a break also takes 23 minutes and 11 seconds. Even if you just get distracted occasionally each day, the time you waste trying to return to your workspace is substantial. For your convenience, I'll do the math: if you get interrupted three times per day, you lose an hour of work. A full hour! This calculation is inefficient for productivity. After a break, the average office worker no doubt does not operate at their best performance?on a task. Avoid allowing your staff to experience ‘Person Nearest the Door Syndrome’ and keep/get back your competitive edge. 


Receptionists stuck at desk – The requirement to have someone at the front desk at all times is another productivity constraint. Receptionist operation is not an option for many companies. However, it does not follow that your receptionists only have toprovide telephone support and visitor registration. A Visitor Management System frees your receptionist to focus on the numerous other tasks they no doubt will have. Improving productivity but also morale, a must for your front of house! 


  • Security challenges 



Visitor PrivacyDo you deal with private documents? Intellectual property? Would you like someone to snoop around your office discovering key information? Of course not. The security of your office is heavily influenced by your lobby. This also includes the secure storage of your company's data. With the help of a Visitors Management System, companies can manage visitor data completely under their control. The Visitors Management System includes a tablet application as well as an online web dashboard that allows you to access all collected visitor data in real-time, create insightful analytics, and do other things. 


These dashboards provideaccurate and visual analysis of visitor flow over time, so you can see who is getting the most visitors and when the business is at its peak. In addition, the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulate every aspect of control and access to visitor data. A Visitor Management System becomes crucial for a business management when you need to be able to control the information about your visitors. 

Emergency Evacuation Planning – During any evacuation, efficiency and speed are imperative to success. Following an evacuation, it is crucial to account for all staff, students, and/or visitors. Confusion in the gathering areas may cause rescue efforts to take longer than necessary or result in risky search-and-rescue operations. The InVentry Anywhere App can be useful in this situation. 

The data is taken directly from your main InVentry system. The evacuation management software can be opened on as many devices as required, at various emergency muster points, and will sync in real-time when connected to the internet. Leading staff members can use this to keep an accurate record of who is present and has been checked off, even displaying photos for user convenience. 

Additionally, your InVentry evacuation management system allows you to print a current list of everyone present on the premises so you can manually check off employees, visitors, students, and contractors. 


  • BrandImage Challenge :  

Your Company’s First Impression – Consider the most recent businesses you visited. How did you find it? 

Did you have a "Wow!" moment when you entered? This office is wonderful! Or perhaps you thought "Wow. I am just eager to leave this place” You've probably heard that a first impression can be formed in just 7 seconds. It's under a lot of pressure! Additionally, it's a huge exaggeration. You've got much less time than that. 


Visitors frequently form their critical first impression of your business when they walk into your office. Their first impression will be favorable if they are welcomed and greeted promptly. Perception will be damaged if visitors feel forgotten or lost. 


Even if there isn't a receptionist present when visitors enter the building, a Visitor Management System aids in creating a positive first impression. It welcomes guests to your office and makes it easy for them to get in touch with the person they came to see. It also gives visitors a pleasant and effective experience by quickly checking them in and getting them where they need to go. 

Building the Right Brand Image - A Visitor Management System also improves the image of the business. Your company's brand image is how the public perceives it. And because it has such a big impact on your bottom line, it is very significant. According to studies, customers are more likely to make purchases from businesses they believe to be trustworthy. 

The difficulty with brand image is that you cannot completely control it. You can, however, influence it by the decisions you take. For instance, you can promote the idea that you care about the environment by supporting green initiatives. 

Your brand image is influenced by your office technology as well. Customers frequently mention that a Visitor Management System improves the perception of their brand. Because of this, many organisations enhance their brand by opting for a Visitor Management System. 

Consider your reaction if you entered the office of a technology company and were asked to sign in on a paper sign-in sheet. You might wonder what kind of technology company still utilises paper sign-in sheets. You might doubt their level of technology. 


One of the reasons businesses use InVentry Visitor Management System at reception is that they wish to project the image that they are leaders in their respective fields of technology from the moment clients enter the building. A Visitor Management System strengthens their brand and wows visitors, according to many of the businesses we work with. For more examples of how this straightforward piece of technology can affect how customers perceive products, browse through our customer stories.  


An organisation’s priority should be the safety and comfort of the work environment, facility and worker. This type of security can only be achieved if the organisation implements an effective Visitor Management System. This ensures that irresponsible people do not intrude.  


When the security is in place, another advantage comes along. The environment and facility will be a place where employees experience comfort and a good ambiance while interacting with customers. 

So that’s the round up from me, Ramya. I’ve given you an in-depth examination of Visitor Management Systems, including their advantages, features, and future developments. Of course, I personally believe the InVentry system is superior, and I would love to organize a demonstration for interested businesses. For now, take a look at this short, animated Visitor Journey film and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


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