The power of an IWMS



Facility Managers, Workplace Managers, and Real Estate are driven to optimise business operations, selecting the right software and team members to make all the difference. Long term strategies can be defined and realised if the correct choices are made. An Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) is often chosen compared with standalone solutions.


Facility management is one of the largest expenses an organisation will incur, therefore it makes sense to manage the facilities assets to get the best return on investment. Instead of tracking facilities as a static asset, an IWMS can take what would be disparate data and create synergies to transform facilities into workspaces that perform. For example, space utilisation can combine floorplans and HR information to help reduce bottom-line costs and improve top-line revenue through increased employee productivity, attraction, and retention. An IWMS enables companies of all sizes to make data-driven decisions and improve interactions with the built environment.


Decision makers tend to opt for an integrated solution to improve productivity and compliance, to enhance employee satisfaction and business continuity whilst lowering costs. Facilities Managers without an IWMS will face problems such as having several databases to maintain, disparate support, limited time, small/no budget and many standalone systems/data.



Benefits of an IWMS


There are many benefits of in IWMS


  • Centralised, data-driven platforms for better-informed portfolio decisions. An IWMS replaces standalone solutions with a single system, becoming ‘the single source of truth’. 
  • Tools to plan and manage a more productive and efficient work environment, allowing for standardised processes.
  • Strategies to give employees a frictionless experience so they can do their best work. It allows for better decision making, understanding your organisation in its entirety.
  • Lower IT support costs. Fewer IT systems to maintain allows for streamlined and productive work.



MASS believe ARCHIBUS to be an exceptional IWMS, having seen it develop over 30 years. We also provide all the latest software from the Archibus parent company, iOffice & Space IQ. We offer a variety of support packages to ensure a fully optimised solution, suited best to your business needs. This can include Cloud hosting or a full SaaS service. There are a variety of ARCHIBUS modules to suit your needs and our technical team are on hand to help you throughout the process. Over time, as your organisation grows and you begin to expand the activities, you can easily scale up your deployment of ARCHIBUS.


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