Harness the power of ARCHIBUS Web Central V2022.03

In this Blog we give a brief overview of what’s new in version 2022.03 of Web Central. Archibus is a powerful software solution with an intuitive platform. MASS like to showcase the features of each new version. Let’s take a look at the dashboard…..


  1. 1.    Overview

The blog covers the following updates for facilities managers and asset manager use:



  1. 2.    BIM Viewer

With Archibus V.2033.03, all customers can onboard and use the BIM Viewer to view their Autodesk models in Archibus. They connect the BIM Viewer to Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 and then consume their models -- either models catalogued in Archibus or not-yet catalogued models -- from these programs.

With the new, in-development Catalogue BIM Models task, BIM Managers can catalogue models stored in an Autodesk repository (Construction Cloud, BIM 360, Forge bucket) directly from Archibus Web Central.

The BIM Viewer now has a Work for Assets tab so that maintenance managers can use the BIM Viewer to search the BIM model and locate assets that have active maintenance work. In viewing the equipment in question within the comprehensive BIM model, maintenance managers gain good insight into the problem and might be able to manage the maintenance issue without going on site to investigate it.

  1. With this task, BIM Managers can easily catalogue their model's assets without using the Smart Client Extension for Revit. If sites have already catalogued their BIM models in Archibus using the Smart Client Extension for Revit, they can use this view to catalogue any new models they develop.


    1. 3.    Space

    View and Print Floor Plan 

    Archibus V.2022.03 introduces the View and Print Floor Plan view. This read-only view is a simplified version of the Space Console and is handy for occasional Archibus users who need to search for floor plans, highlight them, and then print their highlighted floor plans by exporting them to PDF.

    As with the Space Console, the View and Print Floor Plan view can highlight floor plans to show hotelable rooms, department and division assignment, room type and standard, and so on. It includes a legend of the highlight colours and options for controlling the layers and labels that the floor plan displays.



Quick Search Results are Grouped

Like View and Print Floor Plan, the Space Console now groups search results according to the field that holds the search value. For example, if you execute the quick search feature and enter "office," you will receive a list of floors that have "office" as part of their rooms' assigned department, room category, room type, room name, and so on; the list groups these floors according to the field with this value. Click on an item in the list, such as a department, and you receive a list of all floors that have rooms assigned to this department.



PDF Export

Simplified exporting to PDF with a new PDF Export command, which operates the same as it does in the new View and Print Floor Plan view. The PDF Export command, located in the Export drop-down menu, replaces the "Generate Ad Hoc PDF Report" command. The changes include:

If the Space Console displays one floor plan, the PDF Export command immediately exports the floor plan without presenting a form with options.

If the Space Console displays more than one floor plan, the PDF Export command presents a simplified form, which is reorganized and easier to use than in previous releases.



4.    Maintenance

Per-Row Actions Reinstated

Each row has icons representing the actions that can be taken. Hover over an icon to access a tooltip. Small symbols next to each icon indicate the status: red asterisk (required action), blue (action is completed), red (action is blocked or pending), green (checklist is verified).



Performance Improvements

Improved the performance of the Maintenance Console to account for sites with a large number of work orders. Testing shows that when you have up to 5000 work orders, you can still perform tasks with ease. For example, tasks such as opening the Maintenance Console, expanding a section, and opening an individual work request take an average of five seconds and a maximum of 15 seconds.

The improvements can also be seen when concurrent users create, update, or close a work request; our testing shows that at sites with heavy usage, users do not experience failures or deadlocks when performing these tasks.



5.    Other


Reservations: Support for Private Meetings

If you have the Archibus Extension for Microsoft Exchange, meetings booked in Outlook and marked as "Private" are now reflected in Archibus as private reservations with empty Comments and Attendees fields.



Archibus Geospatial Extensions for Esri

The Extensions for Esri has been updated for compatibility with Java 11 and Archibus SaaS.


The team at MASS hope you found this update useful! We firmly believe Archibus to be a great – and popular choice for integrated space management software. We have a blog available on the importance of staying up to date with Archibus versions – visit here to read it:

Mass | New Archibus versions are a nice to have? NO! An absolute necessity! (mass-plc.com)



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