Maintenance & Compliance Webinar V.25.3

Within this webinar we will be covering:


Maintenance: Checklists, built on the Extended Questionnaires system


Archibus V.25.3 extends the existing questionnaire functionality to maintenance checklists. Field personnel working through procedures or inspections can access checklists from the Maintenance mobile app for a reference of all required steps. When they enter their responses and save the data to the system, they create a record of the work performed.·


• Define checklists and associate with SLA workflow·

• Use checklists in the field for surveys


Compliance: Extended Questionnaires UI Update


The extended questionnaire system supports the following types of questions. The Question Type field of the Questions table determines the question and its behaviour.


For the general procedure on entering questions, see Define Questions for a Questionnaire, which also covers the basic information you must specify for each question.


This webinar will be done in a similar fashion to how we have before via GoToMeeting. Those that sign up for this webinar will be sent all details on how to join closer to the event.


You should have received an invitation for this one but if not you can view it here on our Organiser Profile HERE


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